Friday, February 27, 2015

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge revealed in new leaked image

galaxys6-phones.jpg Samsung will launch two new Galaxy S6 phones, according to this latest image. iamdenden | Reddit

Another clue has surfaced that Samsung will unveil two models of its Galaxy S6, one with a standard front display and the other with a curved edge.

Posted on Reddit by a user tagged as a "verified employee" of Sprint, a link dubbed "A better teaser" calls up an image asking people to preregister for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The image also reveals shots of both phones. As expected, the S6 is shown with the standard front display and the usual frame, or bezel, surrounding the display. The S6 Edge sports a slight curved edge on the right side and apparently on the left side as well.

Other alleged screenshots and reports have already surfaced claiming that Samsung will unveil two new S6 phones, most notably one with a curved edge. But the new screenshot comes from a user named iamdenden, who's apparently been verified by Reddit moderators as a Sprint employee. The new image also uses Samsung's same "Six Appeal" tagline that appears on an official T-Mobile signup page for the new phone.

Samsung needs a hit with the next version of its flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S5 was criticized for being too similar to its predecessor, the S4. And the company has seen its sales and market share drop in the wake of competition from low-cost phones made by Chinese vendors such as Xiaomi and from the big-screened iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Apple. The current Galaxy Note Edge already offers a curved display, but just on one side. The new Galaxy S6 phones will also reportedly sport a metal frame as a step up from Samsung's usual plastic body.

But will a Galaxy S phone with a curved display and metal frame give Samsung the edge it needs to win back customers and regain lost market share? We'll find out over the coming quarters. The company is expected to unveil its new Galaxy lineup on Sunday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Tune in: Samsung Galaxy S6 launch -- live blog March 1

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