Monday, March 30, 2015

'I like the feel of the CD': Parody vid skewers clueless media execs

radio.jpg This poor radio executive worries he may never make money again. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

What does denial sound like? A group of hopelessly out-of-touch media executives who have no idea what to do about things like Netflix, Hulu and paywalls, according to Funny or Die.

"There will always be a place for real books, bound books, where people actually turn pages," one insists.

"There's nothing like buying a ticket and having someone tear it in half -- or just rip a little notch into it," maintains another.

Those are the kinds of insights you can look forward to if you attend "The Monsters of a Rapidly Changing Media Landscape," an upcoming conference at Telecore Stadium of Shreveport that promises "three heart-pounding death-defying days...of speeches, speeches, speeches."

Speeches on how it's a "strange time" in publishing, and (wouldn't you know it?) an equally strange time in television, radio and movies ("no one goes to the movies anymore," laments Pamela M. Scott, a defeated-looking movie exec in a drab gray pantsuit that screams, "I have zero interest in trends or originality").

"I like the feel of the CD. I like to hold a CD in my hand," says befuddled music executive Raphael Curtis. "I put it into the stereo with two hands, OK?"

Funny or Die's conference promo takes its cues from the aggressive monster truck rally commercials of the '90s, complete with a pounding, drum-laden soundtrack; flashing graphics in loud, mismatched fonts; and a narrator who announces everything at the same pitch -- shouting.

"Find out where the battle for the audience will be won!" he yells.

Sounds like a don't-miss event to me. I'm thinking of packing up a few pens and reporter's notebooks and heading to Louisiana. I might even bring a mobile device along.

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